The Action Plan has primarily been developed by disabled people and those groups and organisations who seek to support and empower disabled people to have an inclusive life experience.


Our Vision:

That everyone with a disability has an equal opportunity to access sport and active recreation leading to a healthier and more active lifestyle.


Our Aim:

Encouraging and facilitating a collaborative approach to increasing participation in sport and active recreation by disabled people.

The purpose of the Action Plan is to:


Engage and Encourage

Disabled people are supported by a strong, well coordinated disability sport sector.

Disabled people have positive experiences as a result of changed public attitudes and a greater understanding of disability.


Active and Inclusive

Disable people lead active lifestyles and have improved health and wellbeing through involvement in sport and active recreation.

Disabled people have equality of choice and consistency of accessible activities and sporting facilities.


Involved and Inspired

Disabled people face ‘No Limits’ in sport and active recreation.